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Do you want to get rid of those clothes in your closet that never really suited your style? Are you ready to retire your purse? Do you have gently-used shoes that never quite fit your feet? Then call us and make a consignment deal.

Make money and clear space in your closet at the same time

Tips and tricks for the consignment process

When you bring your clothes in on hangers, it makes the consignment process a lot easier. However, once your item is sold, we will either return your old hanger or supply you with a new one.

We return or replace your hangers

Your clothes will be featured in our store after you make an appointment and drop off your consigned items. Once your clothes are sold, we'll give you a call. You'll receive 40% of the profits, so once your clothes are sold you can treat yourself to a nice day out.

Are you new to consignment? Here's how it works:

Have something you want to sell? Make an appointment with us today.


Treat yourself to a day out after we sell your items. We'll call you as soon as the item is sold.

•  Bring in items that are less than

   2 years old

•  Make sure the clothes are clean and


•  Avoid bringing in over 30 items at a time

•  Hang your clothes


Consigning has never been so simple

Clean out your closet today

Turn in your used shoes

Put your old clothes to good use